What We Do, Together


The people of St. John's work to spread God's kingdom locally, nationally, and globally. We engage in hands-on projects, serve on boards, and share resources to advance countless programs and causes. Our congregation encourages and supports our individual engagements with the world. 



Worship is the heartbeat of St. John's. We welcome all people to take their place at God's table to renew Christ's Body for mission in the world. In worship, our hospitality is shaped to imitate his, our faith is trained to seek and serve God in all creation, and our hearts are freed to help build human harmony.



Music is integral to our worship. The church's largest choir, our congregation, sings at our services with enthusiasm and commitment. Our congregational singing draws on three different Episcopal hymnals, Taize chants, music from the Iona Community, and many other hymns gleaned from other denominations. We enjoy learning and singing music from other cultures as well, often in their original language.


Student Ministry

There is a long heritage of student leadership at St. John's. Several Williams College students sing in our choir, some administer the chalice, others help lead our children's programs. Still others join in the intergenerational mission trips. Our worship, often experimental, is deeply enriched by the involvement of students. 


Youth Ministry

"Children are the center of life in the kingdom of God"

Taking this passage from Mark to heart, St. John's offers a variety of ways for children and youth to grow in their understanding of and service to God.