Youth Ministry

Message from the Youth Ministers, August 30, 2017

This coming Sunday, September 3rd. There will be a participatory reading about Moses and the burning bush. We’ll be asking for volunteers from the congregation, both kids and adults, so if that sounds appealing, be sure to be in church on Sunday (and if it doesn’t sound appealing, you don’t have to volunteer, and it will all be over soon. ;)) If you know you would like to participate, please let us know. There might be something extra you could do (like lead your fellow volunteers).

There will also be a blessing of the tools of our labor in Sunday's service. Both adults and children are welcome to bring an item that signifies their work in the year ahead. Children may choose to bring backpacks (and we’re calling it a backpack blessing) but any representation of the work ahead is welcome.

Summer is drawing to a close. We hope you’ve had a good season and are feeling ready for the shifting that the start of the school year brings. We’ve been busy here planning and preparing for a wonderful year. If you read your Prologue, the St. John’s newsletter, you’ve seen a few articles about Lift Every Voice (all ages), Godly Play (ages 5–12), and the new chorister’s program (3rd–7th grade).

Since the upcoming programs are so different from what we’ve offered before, we urge you to consider encouraging your kids, even if they haven’t responded well to church school in the past, to give Lift Every Voice and Godly Play a try. It may take them a few Sundays to settle in to the new rhythm, but we think they’ll love it!

Here’s the schedule of upcoming events:

10am Full Community Worship and Backpack Blessing

5:30pm BBQ to welcome Williams students. (Bring a salad or dessert at 5:15pm if you can)

9:40am Lift Every Voice (Lower Room)
10am Godly Play

9:40am Lift Every Voice
10am Godly Play
11:30ish Parish Picnic

9:40am Lift Every Voice
10am Full Community Worship (no Godly Play)
11:30ish Intergenerational Activities (please see the Prologue for more information)